Monday, March 15, 2021

What’s Beneath The Surface? (Part Nine)

 Per Music Monday? Digital Crate Digging Continues as we check beneath the surface for that good music! 

No Grammy Awards  for most of the artists as they roam the underground dropping that good sound that’s conducive.. getting our minds right along with the 20 / 20 hindsight per looking beneath the surface!

Dangerous kinds plot and scheme, check out the team! they’ll rush the Capitol like Trump insurgents.

Puzzling? some of the outcomes after looking beneath the surface were analyzed; all my lonely yesterdays weren’t evanescent!

Chilling out up in Louisville in Shawnee Park on the Ohio Riverbed by an old oak tree? Present! ...and accounted for; wasn’t Waiting In The Dark but I was chilling away from the fray in a self built fortress with steel doors / locks. Vehicles weren’t waiting in park We Kept It Moving, did we escape? yes! left that circumstance, free! now an old dude rocks!

Looking beneath the surface; some weren’t aware spiritual warfare is going down!! had to admit, I was even caught up in a surprise attack that had me discombobulated!

Its not fair like my baby girl once said!! but it's on me; after looking beneath the surface I had to admit, a brotha  miscalculated!

As  we go there! now knowing how it works..the train of thought is rolling!! but in this society? opposition is met..the style is hated!!

As we go there! hell, leading to the pain is caught but we’ll proceed and continue with this Sonic Assault;  we felt obligated..

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