Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Nobody Was Checking For It (Part Four)

 Nobody was checking for it; what's that? Biden and the CDC mentioned  another  Covid 19 surge coming?

Some of these states are experiencing pandemic fatigue as the economic mathematics intrigue them; a lot of these companies / corporations are trying to catch up on their pimping!

Those suffering were spotted limping per injuries from the ongoing spiritual warfare.

Some injuries were self inflicted meanwhile we went on with our bad selves per this breakbeat science we’ve kicking  / taking it there!

Naysayers said nobody is checking for it!!  per this pandemic everyone is going through something!

Players like me are coming through like Houston in the Final Four, check the scores we’re onto something...

...per this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way some expect the terrible part!

Nobody was checking for it; what? the terrific outcome, they said  the whole process is tiresome! said they’re needing a substance stronger than super glue to fix the hole in their broken heart!

Expecting the negativity? this is cruel! they said life is an unfair hitch we are tied to until death!

That’s unacceptable to me! I’ll keep it moving showing and proving / putting it down like this until my last breath!

That's what you can expect from me, ignoring naysayers telling me nobody was checking for it!!

We're putting it down like this in the midst of the madness!! as long as we're blessed to be here we'll keep going for it!!

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