Sunday, March 07, 2021

What’s Beneath The Surface? (Part Six)

 Excuse me but on this Sunday morning you’ve caught me doing the knowledge!

We’re out here trying to see what’s beneath the surface / seeing how these jokers work this / doing the knowledge!

Oh yeah! we’re seeing how these jokers work this like GOP senators not supporting The Covid Relief Bill.

Oh yeah! these jokers thought they broke us but we’re coming back strong showing strength; we knew the deal!

Those that quit / forfeit? we’re not  compatible with them! we Keep it moving even though we had to sacrifice but now they’re envious! out on I -20 in Atlanta they heard the engine purring.. the Ford Mustang; per the ongoing Sonic Assaults beats bang like visitors to Atlanta rides here for NBA All Star Weekend ! soon some are anxious, now tires are screeching!

What’s beneath the surface? we see how some work this! Per The Whispers the beat goes on but some say it’s per the countdown to oblivion! What’s beneath the surface? some say the streets own us but we realize it’s on us! the Lord blessed us but some say we count on the unconventional wisdom!

After looking beneath the surface? this minister of information bears witness to the cliche no peace or justice on this anniversary of  Bloody Sunday; we’re reminded freedom is supposed to ring from Africa to The Mideast and per MLK to Stone  Mountain Georgia!

...Or is the cliche  no justice no peace? I had it backwards! meanwhile politicians and pundits talk junk; we know how that works!! ask them about it later? they'll have amnesia!!

Whats up with us? the good word is the sound is funky..but that's how the sound works!

We’re looking beneath the surface but who tries to corrupt us?..a fanatic that’s trying to start an Insurrection like Trump? but we know how that works!! 

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