Thursday, March 25, 2021

Nobody Was Checking For It (Part Two)

 Everybody was distracted on this Thankful Thursday! all out here spending stimulus checks they were rolling! they were going on about their merry way!

But life comes at you fast, nobody was checking for it now they’re  caught up in the system / matrix while trying to run a play!

They’re caught up in the ongoing fray! will they cop  an  attitude and blast ballistic missiles like North Korea?

..or they’ll blast guns from Colorado to Atlanta; along with Covid 19 and immigration discussed by Joe Biden in his first official  news conference; check the scenario!

Nobody was checking for it but agents of change bringing accidents waiting to happen will fill the room!

Coordinated? Oh yes but we’re back with it trying to stay positive while others unlock the door to a certain doom! Operation aborted? no! the good word and a funky track will play as we get breakbeat scientific; we’re just being diligent / watchful! Instinct? per this Throwback Thursday it’s always utilized but it’s hidden in the silence of us so nobody is checking for it! quiet is kept it, there’s no telling what we’ll do!

Nobody was checking for it but y’all know how it is!  like I said life comes at you fast something will creep up on ya!!! some might know what I'm talking about!

In the meantime and between time breakbeat scientific business is conducted;  your homie is going all out!

Without a doubt! timing is crucial   Badmarsh and Shri  mentioned The Last Mile it can be the last hour, deals can sideways or sour so how are we gonna play it?

Nobody was checking for it but in the marsh / smoke and mirrors O-Dizzle has that brand new funk..the Brotha O-Zone has the good word so how is he gonna say it?

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