Sunday, March 21, 2021

Nobody Was Checking For It (Part One)

 Like the Trump insurrection at the Capitol security was lax; nobody was checking for it!

Hunger Games Peacekeepers from the Capitol needed for those disrespecting it?

Nobody was checking for it, if they were they were trying to make it rain to interrupt the parade.

...or they were connecting with other corrupt ones to implement the charade.

Another facade? nobody was checking for it as facts / the hidden truth coincides with surface cynicism’s presence

Complacent? not noticing it was like an invisible shadow, an immortal essence. Premises vacated, no leave of absence granted, so facts / truth took a vacation? An all points bulletin is issued! O-Zone even felt the pressure out here playing the truth game like it’s March Madness / The NCAA basketball tournament! pursuit is painstaking!

 Nobody was checking for it, if they were they’re trying to cause confusion so I’m trying  to caste a spell to catch the calm. a wizard, knowing what the deal is on this Sunday morning per the Spring Equinox / Aries Season introduction we're trying avoid the nefarious ones with the treason / corruption / the blizzard / the storm!

...introduced by weather makers try to do the Lord’s work but it doesn’t work! where’s the comfort zone? diplomatic Immunity is exercised while in the home of contentment! Nobody was checking for it but if they did those naysayers would claim it’s monotonous! making life hectic? Now that’s what the scheme/ plot was! but we’ll circumvent it!

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