Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Nobody Was Checking For It (Part Eight)

 We’re out here trying to put it down like this! of course naysayers are saying nobody is checking for it!

They’ll even throw us under the bus like Trump vs Mike Pence on January 6th, respect? some are lacking, but still asking for it!

Chants of no justice no peace are heard as this HumpDay Extravaganza gets underway, damn! is it business as usual? 

From Pittsburgh to Minneapolis police brutality is scandalous; earlier O-Dizzle bumped the track mentioning “I guess a black man can’t have no peace” as the sample while society will provide a prime example; damn! is it business as usual? 

From Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg on out to even Pluto and Mars brothas are trying to heal the scars but nobody is checking for it!!

We'll deal with it from Charlotte / Mecklenburg, plus on the East and West Coast to here in Atlanta!  it's a big world / universe so we'll move forward not in reverse; freedom? we're still riding for it!!

We'll deal with it, but what would emerge if walls could talk? due to the frustration from the ongoing chaos and confusion trapped sighs would be heard! Real with it!! if walls could talk about the origin of Covid 19? if walls could talk about the plots / schemes of the Derek Chauvin defense team? the question is asked by the wall that nobody was checking for; why am I so tired? ...from absorbing all the drama? when they yearn for peace and fresh paint! showing restraint? they learned!

Points we're scoring as the Brotha O-Zone takes his turn "putting paint where it aint" with this good word, while back in the day the Brotha O-Dizzle was able to solve the riddle; cassette tapes were recorded and CDs were burned!

Points we're scoring, we're on our way up but of course naysayers say nobody is checking for it!

Please!! we're paying no attention to the corrupt, they want to see our vessel impounded like the Ever Given in the Suez Canal; we know these jokers will be rolling foul, disrespecting it!!

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