Friday, April 30, 2021

You Don’t Know? You’d Better Find Out! (Part Four)

 Any knowledge gained from the Flashback Friday memories? you don’t know? you’d better find out!

Any knowledge gained on this Fabulous Friday? let the records reflect that it’s a blessing to be here! you don’t know? you’d better find out! 

Any mileage gained on the mothership as I blast off into the universe? I-20 out here in Atlanta is the runway!

Automatic pilot? sometimes those are the settings but like police brutality history keeps repeating so we'll take the reign; from Earth? we’re running away!

Now these mystic voyages are taken, check out the moves we make they’re interplanetary! Those pessimistic discouraged but at twilight the Scorpio Full Moon was spotted from my observatory. Now getting the gist of this, working it all out! I’m reviving the myth, establishing a Man on the Moon residence! Earthlings wreak havoc shady is how they’re working it! Covid 19 and systemic racism still here, who's surviving the wrath of man's pestilence?

Who knows what the deal is? you don’t know? you’d better find out! we're showing persistence as the month of April comes to a close!

Who knows what the real is? tomorrow's May Day it has so many meanings, with so much chaos and confusion in the world Mayday is heard as a distress signal especially when the devil will oppose..

Maybe somebody can feel this as we drop this signal to the world; it's of a breakbeat scientific variety...

You don’t know? you’d better find out! the apparatus wants to take our kind out but we're like what Kirk Franklin mentioned;  God's Property!!

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