Thursday, April 01, 2021

Nobody Was Checking For It! (Part Five)

Nobody was checking for it, but check out how  life comes at you fast! damn!! so look at us now!

We’re caught up in the system / matrix, some will fake it asking about the what / when / where or how!

So how were we living? caught out there but our heart is at home, the spot where everything is carefree! so you I’m homesick!

So I’ll get there bring this intergalactic mission to a close; the plot? selective / secretive but I have to be quick! ...Rebuking the plot / scheme, slick like GOP voter suppression but check the aggression as we launch this Sonic Assault with the renewed burst! but of course we’re facing a Titan showdown! Battling the Aswang, check out the shape shifting as heads bang! the gauntlet we’ll throw down!

Trunk rattling as beats bang, the mixtape will get heads in shape as they nod to the beat!!

Jazz funk based on Throwback Thursday settings? history repeating, it's hard on the boulevard / out in that street!!

Nobody was checking for it but we're grateful for our blessings so a Thankful Thursday also comes to mind; trying to drop this breakbeat science on some minds!  I was trying to get put on but some put their dukes up!

Nobody was checking for it, they took a fighting stance like North Korea, firing missiles and ready to turn their nukes up!

Back in the day juke joints were jumping!!  who's up in them up? per Throwback Thursday?  once at Taylor Made or Legends at 26th and Broadway  up in Louisville.

How will I play it?  nobody is checking for it but I've still got those Louisville / Newburg ways due to default settings; it may have disappointed these folks in the ATl but some of them are faking they ain't real!

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