Thursday, April 22, 2021

You Don’t Know? You’d Better Find Out! (Part One)

 Per this Throwback Thursday? I remember the conversation I had with the old dude up in Louisville / Newburg!

Not with Mr. Cole telling me about this being a rat race / dog eat dog world....

....not the word from Mr. Popham at the Checker Cab stand at 16th and Broadway, popping off about taking the bitter with the sweet!

...concerning the good and bad days of driving Checker Cabs; it was hard on the boulevard / street!

Had a chance to meet Pops, I had a father at home that was dropping knowledge!

Told me to keep them smokers / jokers out of the Buick Regal so I could avoid the legal Eagle aka Louisville Metro Police!

He said you don’t know? You’d Better Find Out! but I already knew how they would act before the Breonna Taylor episode!

Louisville narcs would stick a charge on a brotha quick, they were slick / sick they’d even go into termination mode!

Similar to the George Floyd episode but without the Derek Chauvin guilty verdict!

Null and void?  that’s what the so called constitution is concerning a brotha or sista; like Pops would say, you don’t know? you’d better find out!

Reality will blow your mind out this time per the Delfonics check the Throwback Thursday reference!

Grateful? in the midst of the madness it’s a blessing to be here; you don’t know? you’d better find out, get a Thankful Thursday reference!

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