Sunday, April 18, 2021

Nobody Was Checking For It (Part Nine)

 Breakbeat scientific business is conducted but those that were corrupted were saying nobody was checking for it!

Business handled in obscurity lacking purity? mentioning the scarcity of Light like my post by Raw Artistic Soul and Ursula Rucker? jokers claim we’re waiting in the dark with it!

The mothership? we had to park it on earth after lights started blinking on the instrument panel!

Now a brotha gets scientific for what its worth on this Sunday morning; it’s a big world / universe somebody will understand a brotha!

O-Dizzle? knowing how the funk should go but O-Zone is considered dysfunctional? an optimistic pessimist, check the mode..

What’s the dizzle? I kept both spirits on standby, locked / loaded for the next episode.. But who’s checking for it? on this Sunday morning we need to check the code; we each have our own blessings and curses.. The cheat code? praying and cursing at the same time? confident but anxiety? both expressed in these verses!

Code switching? nobody was checking for it, they were captivated by impressed lies heard from drama royalty offspring aka star children!

Check the mode, my people stressed? who’ll evoke martial law like Chicago per Adam Toledo or Minneapolis per the Derek Chauvin trial and the Daunte Wright shooting? some are reeling! Nobody was checking for it, was it being low blessed? diplomatic immunity evoked, invisible per the cloak, now ignoring terror! Nobody was checking for it as this dude confessed; no interest in the worst case scenario!

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