Monday, April 12, 2021

Nobody Was Checking For It (Part Seven)

 The next episode is here, now some are caught up in the system / matrix; nobody was checking for it.

Check the mode, now clones flood these zones / sacred land, disrespecting it?

Monday morning is here! clones flood these zones with traffic jams from I-75 to I-20 here in Atlanta but on Flashback Friday? per reflections / internal inspections I had a one sided conversation.. ..with myself; about a new start per this New Moon in Aries but knowing in the heart of this hostile territory the apparatus wouldn’t be fair with those and these but on my goals? I’m focused / singled out and honing in! Discussed brand new yesterdays and tomorrows! for freedom our team ran plays / follows the bigger plan, now accused of being rowdy! Usually nobody was checking for it I heard them say "Hmm, I couldn’t  see the whole picture, my memory was cloudy"

Actually? some were disrespecting like I mentioned; their words were venomous even radioactive!

Now some are sick! immune systems weak like they’ll catch Covid 19 or something due to the lack of oxygen / due to the abrasive? Brotha O-Zone mentioned being sick with it per the Hazardous Material , but what we have is spiritual so in this ongoing spiritual warfare we keep it moving; others are also driven they refuse to give in; blessed / shielded. In this zone we arouse others that refuse to lose, they'll also keep it moving they’re not yielding!

Check this team we're fielding equipped with this good word and the sound as we get breakbeat scientific!!

It seems nobody was checking for it but O-Zone mentioned earlier "everybody ain't able" so we know what's up with it!!

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