Sunday, April 04, 2021

Nobody Was Checking For It (Part Six)

 We’re coming through on this Sunday morning, but who’s really checking for it?

Sunday Jazz Continues check out the menus; a celebration  per Resurrection Sunday is the vibe; much respect for it!

Ecological ignorance will alter the fate for some, so I stay aware of my environment! 

From Atlanta to Louisville /Newburg per default settings  to Johannesburg South Africa and all points in between! its all about empowerment!

What’s the deal? the last hour will get ugly for some reminded of it on this anniversary of the MLK assassination at the Lorraine Hotel, it aint hard to tell, check history repeating!  evil will "holla atcha" trying to pull you under.

What's the deal? some of my people will be caught out there in the inclement weather; the blizzard, or the rain / lightning / thunder..

Nobody was checking for it until they're caught out in the storm, but how will we portray it? actually we just act like we knew!

Actually? per Covid  19 and the economy everybody is preoccupied with survival! so what's the deal? /  so whatcha going through?

Observing the scene? nobody was checking for it but I can see some of my constituents are lost after reading a map heading for nowhere! The boat was sinking like the Titanic, soon some are shipwrecked on a coast of sorrows, caught out there! Jesus on the boat? teaching peace be still so some know the deal about the storm, it’s business as usual, oh I never hated to be right! A beat and a quote is what we're dealing with per this insight but who's checking for it? it's real, no sugar coated / flavored denials! truth is truth / right is right!

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