Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Nobody Was Checking For It (Part Ten)

 It’s going down! Seasons / Reasons change  similar to Aries season shifting to Taurus season!

It’s going down but who’s checking for it? who’s for or against us? exhibited by the treason?

Any serious charges for the January 6th Trump insurrection? time will reveal like the Debarges!

Who’s checking for it? watching Minneapolis per the Derek Chauvin trial concerning George Floyd; conviction for the charges?

Who’s checking for it? players from Louisville to here  in the ATL said charge it to the game when things go sideways!

Disrespecting it? what, the game!  things can go either way on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!

What more can I say? even the reunion with my inner demons didn’t go well! They asked; who are you without us? they presented a list of demands, saying we made you / you’ll just fail! Told them just go! I moved on through dealing with fanatics out here in the mainstream of mathematics! moving on to a more expansive consciousness! They said man please!! nobody is checking for it!! they laughed, thought it was funny / hilarious!

You won't be at ease, they were disrespecting plus threats were made by the devil and his advocates!

Please!! we'll keep on running even when it seems nobody is checking for it!! breakbeat science is dropped when we're back with this!!

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