Sunday, January 16, 2022

Check The Perspective: Life Is Hectic (Part Six)

 Sunday morning? we’re reflecting, doing the knowledge; now check the perspective. 

“Buking and scorning”?  plenty of that from these earthlings, I jumped to the conclusion / recognized the pattern; life is hectic!

Don’t get me wrong, I respect it! I’m rolling like I’m following CDC guidelines; exercising an abundance of caution!

Like I’m trying to avoid the Omicron Variant, knowing these jokers won’t be fair with it! I know what they’re on!

O-Zone? perceptive, noticed some were out there now they’re gone; they built an elaborate fantasy / they’ll descend into the abyss.. Check the perspective in this zone; due to loss of character and dignity? there’s something amiss. Life is hectic? oh yes, it’s in this dark town with the paralyzed skies overhead... ..that’s representing the vibe or climate that keeps changing in more ways than one; where many were like Trump insurrectionists; misled.

Chilling out in the Atlanta metro area, part of the inclement weather in the Southeast; but this vibe is everywhere in more ways than one; its storming! peeping game, any truth in the rainfall? It’s falling now, plus it fell overnight, things are tight; some ask the question, will the reign fall? Check the perspective, life is hectic! its a hot mess, naysayers say like this poetry; in need of a coach? O-Zone? is he a hot messenger that’s too late? out in this Wild Wild West I arrived on a stagecoach!

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