Thursday, January 27, 2022

The I-20 Chronicles (We're Still Coming Through)

 Once again it’s on as we come through on a Thankful Thursday; it’s a blessing to be here…

…as I always like to say; broadcasting live from a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta with these Chronicles; taking it there.

This is the also a Throwback Thursday, we’re still coming through / taking it there! this is Black History in the making…

…plus it’s not just celebrated in February this is going down everyday, it’s real / authentic; there’s no fronting / flexing / faking. 

Out here on I-20 in Atlanta? next level moves we’re making! but per Throwback Thursday?  moves were once made up on I-65 up in Louisville!

The return of the mack when I go back? naw! but Chris Mack is gone, too many low scores, no running and gunning like the real Cardinals of Louisville! 

 The return of the stack per the box outside my door? oh yeah I guess it's the new way to do retail! there goes the truck from Amazon!

Not knowing the score? hackers will try to hit up your bank account plus porch pirates will operate like it’s off the shores of Somali out here off of I-20, please! once again it’s on! Knowing the score, that’s why I was up all night reflecting / contemplating influenced by the Scorpio moons charms. Now it’s moved on to Sagittarius; morning is here with the strawberry clouds and ringing alarms.

We moved on, out there on I-20 in Atlanta! it’s considered our gateway to the universe!

We moved on, coming through; somebody will understand a brotha out here trying to reverse the curse.

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