Sunday, January 23, 2022

Check The Perspective: Life Is Hectic! (Part Nine)

 Sunday Jazz Continues but excuse us as we proceed and continue with this good word; this is the Sunday morning edition!

O-Dog Day Partying, Saturday Night Fevering earlier this weekend!  Sonic Assaults unleashed, the culture we’re defending!

Check the perspective; life is hectic as we try to handle this next level business!

Checked the collective, my constituents are in the amen corner; they know what the deal is!

Check the perspective; life is hectic! confirmed by a summit of angels who were wise to the whole set up / hip to the game / hip to the angles.. ..worked by their constituents; drama introduced by the Daughters Of Chaos? check the agendas, progress? it impedes / strangles. Word from our constituents / their perspectives? life is hectic!! even that bad bunny was acting funny, she’ll be gone for awhile. She couldn't deal with it!! in search of ecstasy for the mental / pharmaceutical and the physical / sexual; oh yes! Stormy like Miss Daniels? that’s her style!

A daughter of chaos? she’ll be gone with the quickness, especially if the technology fails. No Facebook / Instagram or TikTok; check the perspective, life is hectic!! her personality locked if it all fails. Face to face with a crook, jamming / rocking virtually? mental health threatened; she’s wounded. On the case? O-Dog a crook jamming / rocking!!?? the work will be of a breakbeat scientific nature!! check the perspective, life is hectic but that dude O-Zone was a technician, skills recondite.

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