Sunday, January 09, 2022

Check The Perspective: Life Is Hectic! (Part Three)

 Check the perspective, I mentioned peeping game like the James Webb Space Telescope.

Life is hectic, that’s the conclusion I jumped to after recognizing the pattern; it even seems my people have lost hope.

It’s going down from here in Atlanta to Pluto / Mars / Saturn, it’s happening on local / national / international and intergalactic frontiers.

We’re trying to play it like the Commodores, Easy like Sunday morning per are reflecting and pondering plus battling irrational fears.

Check the perspective, life is hectic! O-Zone steers the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor as hatred these earthlings harbor is exposed.

There’s a preponderance of evidence that there’s no benevolence as we exercise an abundance of caution like Covid 19 maneuvers, knowing the devil is opposed!

We’re trying to stay composed like this good word is composed but some say the Platters or Freddie Mercury style great pretender is back from an isthmus or island with lethargic intent!

Breakbeat scientific principles are proposed, check the perspective! a litmus test is conducted, but not trying to circumvent. It’ll hurt himself, due to life being hectic! already disrespected as naysayers relish the thought. Your dude even works on himself up in the workshop, he didn’t quit / stop but hell is still caught!

Check this Sonic Assault as we fight back! check the perspective, being realistic telling you life is hectic!

This is word to the wise and otherwise on this Sunday morning, it’s a big world / universe somebody will respect it!

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