Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Check The Perspective: Life Is Hectic (Part Four)

 Out there in treacherous waters, life is hectic!  not Still Waters mentioned by the Four Tops or even Junior Walker and The All Stars; where’s the duct tape? 

The boat is leaking now we’re floating  in a sea of indifference, iniquity mentioned by the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville! what’s the deal? we’re being battered on a life raft trying to escape.

In need of duct tape, super glue or celestial magic; check the perspective, some said we need the right math! A corrupt state? Georgia Bulldogs are national champions but Biden and Harris are down here about the voting situation; some said boycott, we aren’t on the right path! 

A corrupt shape we’re in? O-Dog had a beat and O-Zone is quoting this good word, that corrupt shape we're rebutting / disputing; check the perspective, is enlightenment found? Blessed and Highly Favored per the Clark Sisters or per the vanity license tag the old sister had on the the Cadillac at the Shell Station on Candler Road in Decatur where I was found!

The old sister said I missed my calling, I looked like a preacher but I told her life is hectic! but soon euphoria is felt as my life raft floated to shore, soon I was found!

Earlier? a dude was out here balling but reality will teach you a lesson or two so we respect it; knowledge is found!

Check the perspective, it’s critical on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way!

Check the perspective, usually a positive one expecting a terrific outcome so check the celebration per the digital crate digging as we let the music play!

Knowing life is hectic, being realistic! we’ll exercise an abundance of caution per following CDC Covid 19 guidelines.

Especially with Omicron and other variants out here, plus the deniers these jokers aren’t playing fair!! there are a lot of dangerous minds!

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