Friday, January 28, 2022

The Tables Turned PT. 3

 It’s like DJ’s manipulating the vinyl or CD’s  all up in the club / all up in the house; earlier we came through with DJ Premier and J Dilla as the tables turned.

Reflecting / contemplating about previous episodes, present situations or future outcomes? it goes down, check the karma! some will say the tables have turned!

Flashback Friday? we’re taking it to the bridge like James Brown mentioned! it wasn’t burned, we might have to go back across!

Fabulous Friday? it’s a blessing to be here, dropping knowledge about this life per dealing with a win or loss!

How did some play as the tables turned?  lessons learned? we did the knowledgesearched high and low, so it bothers me.

Some were devil dancers while others found answers, learned per the magicians prophecies. 
Others derelict in their duties, they had pills, something to drink plus weed was burned; like the Beatles they chilled in strawberry fields. Soon the tables were turned as the smoke filled strawberry clouds made them yield.

The ride turned / flipped / spun in circles; fun at the water park? no! alter egos were disagreeable.
The tables turned, per this pandemic check the morale; some are gone! underwater like mortgages, can we see our way through? Rubber was burned trying to get out of a dream within a dream! caught up in the system / matrix / in a trap? The tables turned; will episodes related to webs of desire transpire? no, we’re now wide awake after the reality slap.

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