Thursday, January 20, 2022

Check The Perspective: Life Is Hectic (Part Eight)

 We’re coming through on what I refer to as a Thankful Thursday; y’all should know it’s a blessing to be here!

Check the perspective, trying to keep a positive attitude / outlook even though it's like Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema  blocking Democrats initiatives we’re dealing with a crook or two or maybe even more while we’re out here!

Life is hectic, being realistic! no Mamby Pamby Land business mentioned by the Geico Sarge. 

Not a jack wagon plus I’m not on the bandwagon;  a fan of those supposedly large and in charge!

Check the Throwback Thursday lingo due to the appropriate time frame, doing the knowledge so there’s no mind game. 

Minds can start playing tricks on us mentioned by Scarface and the Geto Boys; life is hectic, it’s easy to lose your poise! it's all game!!

Plus it’s easy to lose your voice, check the perspective; confusion and frustration set in realizing  it just wasn’t enough! now these crooks have gotten extra greedy O- Dizzle mentioned it’s out of control!

It wasn’t our choice! like the Trump insurrection the plotting and scheming led to total / unpredictable chaos after so called peaceful moments/ being uneventful! Check the perspective: maybe it was a choice to look at it with Gucci rose colored glasses when there was no justice or peace; even organized confusion is losing; we had to dip, left earth in the mothership cruising! Life is hectic! it had us dipping down I-20 in Atlanta our gateway to the universe burning rubber / escaping echoes heard! we’re cruising!!

No longer losing, we grab our share of the moon still somewhat full like it was in Cancer; it moved to Leo and later on today it’ll be in Virgo.

No longer losing even though naysayers play that same old tune full of negativity, so we know we have work to do!

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