Wednesday, April 20, 2022

How Did We Try To Act? (Part Four)

 We’re setting off this HumpDay Extravaganza for those who were wondering how we’re trying to act.  

Getting over the hump is the business even though the science dropped is appropriate for any time period, that’s what the deal is! survival? we have the knack…

…as we holla back using these breakbeat scientific methods dropping this good word and setting the O-Dog Day Party off with the sound!

The attack zone is entered, on local / national / international and intergalactic frontiers this rebuttal is rendered! this is how we get down! 

The cosmodrome is refurbished for mothership escapades out here off of I-20 in Atlanta our gateway to the universe as we try to reverse the curse due to troubled days ahead.

No Soviet Union affiliation, Russia? their offspring is cutting up invading Ukraine in the Donbas area! even their own citizens are discouraged / misled!

Oh yeah, even though Moodymann warned them they're misled waiting in the darkness!  how did we act / how did we work this? we still fight the ongoing madness moving full steam ahead!

Oh yeah, we were once caught up in the system / matrix! days gone by? supposedly flourished like we were forever 16, but what’s ahead? Whimsical / delusional per the proceedings of dealing with the institutional? I let it go now nourished but now there’s work to do per a depraved awakening. Time to go, letting it go now catch me rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in the mothership full throttle not braking!

Real with it, authentic not faking the funk like the Main Source mentioned per the old school hip hop reference!

Real with it, that’s how we’re trying to act but of course in this world there’s no benevolence!

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