Thursday, April 14, 2022

What It Do? We Still Felt The Pressure (Part Ten)

 It’s a blessing to be here as I like to say on what I call a Thankful Thursday!

What it do? I still felt the pressure based on past episodes, reflecting on them since this is also a Throwback Thursday!

Had to admit; information overloads even had this retro futuristic mystic befuddled! they contribute to the confusion of the world! is this the beginning of the end? I see the winds of change are blowing!

The Spring Equinox blew in on the breeze, some consider it a tipping point; now it’s showing! Due to the hustle knocks we felt the pressure! wild-eyed revelations? oh! they’re everywhere! O-Zone mentioned the temperature earlier as frosted memories melt away, related to global warming? creating rivers that were flowing far away from here.

O-Zone was even way way out there after feeling the pressure; I even behind the parapet out in the galaxy but they spotted me. They had more wide-eyed revelations plus accusations for what the Trump insurrection type of scheme / plot would be. Actual situations that were unpleasant? many were caught up in! they said it was all love but were some killing chivalry? the garden vandalized? The secret garden mentioned by Quincy Jones / Barry White, the one from which love blossoms? the way some of these folk are rolling I’m not surprised!

It’s not all love, from New York where Frank James was tripping out / flipping out to here in Atlanta to over in Ukraine my people feel the pain we all feel the pressure. 

It’s like this and like that per the old school hip hop catch phrase relevant for this Throwback Thursday! plus old dude from Louisville / Newburg advice was it is what it is and what it’s going to be as long as we’re on terra firma!

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