Saturday, April 23, 2022

How Did We Try To Act? (Part Six)

 As Saturday morning transitioned into Saturday afternoon your dude had a moment or two!

Check me out, I’m waxing poetic because life is hectic! I’ve been trying to tell y’all what’s up / what it do!

Some we’re acting like they knew, but I heard; what is your modus operandi? that’s what I was asked.

Told them I’m writing the dark poetry, plus the beats are also dropped; I multitasked. Also solving the riddle, I was going in circles like the Gap Band! that’s how I was trying to act it was like a maze.

But I had to admit, I’m still feeling the pressure; the system / matrix? it seems like I’m caught in the middle and I’m not amazed.  

How did we try to act? not like homie, after pulling a caper they were hiding in the dusty abandoned cabin.

It’s on that gravel road in the backwoods of Kentucky, down there near the mines. Accompanied by Kentucky whiskey / bourbon plus they were smoking loud / backwoods and probably some meth enjoying a friendly loneliness; relaxing! Supposedly a sanctuary from these turbulent times, but I’m back in these hoods of East Atlanta bearing witness to Plan Z for survival as little homies commit crimes.

How did we try to act? O-Zone climbs out of the rabbit hole now dropping this good word plus Jazz / Funk and Soul…

…music; for easing our soul it’s conducive, this is how we’re trying to roll…

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