Sunday, April 17, 2022

How Did We Try To Act? (Part Two)

 Our backs were against the wall, even on this Sunday morning; I keep telling y’all it’s rough out here! so how did we try to act?

We kept it moving even though we had to sacrifice! survival? oh yes, we have the knack!

The players didn’t “holla back” they were too busy handcuffing rebuking another players bluffing!

Bewildered like the James Brown song; so how’s the game really going? they’re still telling you business is handled, they said it’s nothing!

But like we’re breaking you off something reality has a way of doing it too! last minute heroics from a player? after the attack from the enemy  he jumped from the damaged airship like he was on ravens wings.

How did he try to act? he tried to dip like Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens! the sinister thought he was a fatality: even the church choir sings! But a player is back into the action soon emerging from the wreckage; is it a resurrection? Similar to Resurrection / Easter Sunday? staying strong from the supreme courage / maximum strength? no purge from the enemy, now reclaiming the section!

But how did we try to act? is the pandemic over? it seems many were back at church this morning!! we knew we weren’t out of the woods yet, the mothership negotiated its way through the misty mountains.
How did we act? damn! doing the mathematics, being built or torn down per the debatable circumstances!! it’s another hard situation we’ve found ourselves in! The plan? parachute down to earth, make it down to the canal then we’ll escape in a boat. Hoping missiles don’t hit it like Ukraine hit up the Russian ship Moskva! meanwhile into the empty fog / smoke and mirrors we’ll float.

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