Wednesday, February 04, 2015

I Told Them To Come Correct (Rebuking The Hostile Takeover) PT.3

                                  *they need to come correct*

*Big Homie*  and them tried to *holla at me*  but like Suge Knight the didn't come correct...

Realized it's on me!! I'm trying to survive / get in where I fit in; trying to get it right but like Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz in UFC 183 I didn't connect..

Scattered thoughts I collect; hopes? dreams? they're not crushin...

Visualized The Sequence; took my time; the cliche? fools rush in...

You'll Get Played!! like a Russian with rubles in Europe; choice your poison..

We rebuke the hostile takeover!! We Let The Music Play!!! we play it like Public Enemy and Bring The Noise in..

Who had the hot style makeover? soon they lost their poise when they were Caught Up In The Unpleasant Situation..

Circumstances were Debatable; Being built or torn down?

Like ISIS captors without the Quran but in a Jihad known issues are debatable; so who'll turn the level of scorn down?

From Rush to Hannity; pride and vanity will burn the building down..

Meanwhile we rock the sound; once again it's the Sonic Assault..

Rebuking The Hostile Takeover!! jokers need to come correct!! this good word and percussions are the repercussions for the hell that's caught...

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