Friday, February 13, 2015

We Couldn't Graduate From Adversity University

It's going down!! this is word from a veteran in the game now coaching. 

No tears from a clown per Smoky;  knowing what the inside joke will be!!  I told you I'm coaching! 

Taking the baton from Dean Smith and Jerry Tarkanian!! I'm maintaining even though I was in the school of hard knocks!!  now  I moved on to adversity university. 

Coaching like Coach K at Duke or Pops in San Antonio on the professional level;  damn!!  who will work with me? 

Admitting penalties were called!! please!! for freedom?  I'm moving on to the next level!! I'm encroaching on this thing  behind the lines in enemy territory. 

....Some said I had hazardous material but what I have is spiritual!!  breakbeat science is dropped when I tell the story. 

Some fell for the fame and glory story but these jokers aren't playing fair;  now they want cry foul like Kanye West

Adversity University students already knew this!!  at the end of the day?  were still blessed. 

We were wise to the setup even though we're all up in the spot like its the Hotel California

We checked in but we couldnt leave;  perpetual students acting like we knew this!!  now we ring the alarm for ya! 

*Get that ass up*  class is in session at the adversity university!!

The enrollment is off the charts!!  the system gets off on breaking hearts even on this Valentines Day!!  I couldn't find anybody to work with me!

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