Tuesday, April 14, 2015

LockDown Situations PT.2 (Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition)

Whatcha know? due to hustle knocks some people are in lockdown situations; they're under lock and key..

Whatcha know? check out the hustle knocks similar to the GOP vs Hillary Clinton!! some will even "sweat my steez" /  they'll find a reason to knock me..

...and my hustle; but I'm using mental and physical muscle; check out the Blue Collar / Mechanical Engineering..

Avoiding LockDown Situations; they'll have us like the rest of the masses,  loathing and fearing...

Dipping in the Mothership; using power steering,  plus I'm cruising like Smoky Robinson..

Intergalactic; but I'm not Lost In Space like the Family Robinson....

But the robot was telling us warning!! warning!! things got hectic!! the economy is bad!!  robbing and stealing has become a big occupation..

Out In The Mainstream Of Mathematics?  check the rising police brutality as fanatics will try to rock the nation...

Facing the LockDown Situation; what it do? in Nigeria , can they control Boko Haram?

Facing The LockDown Situation? check the mass hysteria as Republicans march out Ted Cruz,  or  Marco Rubio and even Ben Carson!!

Meanwhile we'll rock the sound plus drop this good word to make the people get up...

...Already knew what it do; we proceed and continue; these brothas Can't Let Up..

*We Got Wise To The Set Up*   others have too; this world is Wicked; Some May Jump To The Same Conclusion..

Others are *Confused About Things*  they'll mess around and get caught up in LockDown Situations..

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