Friday, April 10, 2015

Time / Natural Processes PT.7


Got to be real with this like Cheryl Lynn; I wasn't through dealing!!  O-Dog has the so called Hazardous Material, will there be a chemical reaction?

Brains are activated; these brothas came back with it; like Walter Scott shot in South Carolina check out the chain of events as we start a chain reaction...

...By product from being in pain again?  check out the injuries suffered during the ongoing Spiritual Warfare..

...Some said it's all love; but they were like  O-Jay's backstabbers; why did they go there?

Nothing fair in love or war!!  I had to remind myself; in the lab? I tinkered with the mothership but I wasn't a shadetree mechanic; soon mystic voyages were taken to find myself..

Oh!!  I rode public transportation during the transformation but the driver / fanatic was wreckless!!  it's easy to get thrown under the bus!! I had to remind myself..

I'm not playing a Game of Thrones with these clones I'm knowing what it do!!  now I proceed and continue...

I dipped through Babylon trying to avoid drones like I was in Pakistan; now supplied with Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength; so what are you going through?

God will lead you out of it; part of the *Natural Process*  we can't live without light..

Now we're *Going All Out For It*  haters can't stop us as we move towards the light..

We're putting work in Blue Collar style!! we're using that precious commodity called time wisely!! we're getting it right and exact; *We Can Make It* 

As long as we follow the Natural Process; the cliche? *Keeping It Real*  we can't fake it..

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