Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles (The Humpday Embellishment)

Once again it's on!!  check out the humpday extravaganza / embellishment per these ATL  I-20 Chronicles;  as we take you for a ride. 

...Not like Baltimore police did Freddie Gray with the rough ride , that's not how we're trying to play or slide!! plus this is no Brian Williams embellishment,  that's how the fake ride. 

We knew the score!! there's no where to run or hide!! so we're on a fantastic voyage like Lakeside;  it gets funky like that. 

We knew the score!! we're out here where good and evil collide / coincide!! reality is funny like that!!

O-Dizzle is going ballistic!! like Iran with the nukes he's  accused of having hazardous material;  take sides during this spiritual warfare. 

What we have is spiritual  / holistic!!  that's the dizzle as O-Zone jukes down I-20 in Atlanta, like Staple Singers we take it there. 

What it do?  championship banners at the Staple Center like back in the day LA Lakers? 

..Once ruling the west,  these days  it seems the Clippers and Warriors are the best; but the Spurs said they're all fakers

Wild Wild West shenanigans are going down!! from Ferguson to North Charleston innocent bystanders catch hell in the war between the sheriff and the bandits. 

Detective James West and Officer Flanagan lack understanding?  meanwhile per the mothership landing we had to take a break from intergalactic gambits. 

Fast buck gamblers have us scrambling down I-20 in Atlanta playing Hunger Games trying to make ends meet. 

...One step ahead of the matrix architect's / webmaster's strategy ...which was alt shift delete!

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