Monday, December 05, 2016

Ring The Alarm PT.4 (Monday Motivation Edition)

What? it's another Monday Morning? it's time to ring the alarm, it's time to wake up!!

Ring the alarm!! in need of Monday Motivation?  damn!! some say it's all love like The Stylistics, then they break up to make up.

Who's hating? damn!! situations are blowing their mind like Delfonics!! now some are mad because we respond with the funk and Ebonics,  ringing the alarm. 

Answers blowing in the wind per  Bob Dylan? Sonic Assaults mentioned the Winds Of Change, as we ring the alarm... 

Answers forthcoming per  Ben Carson and the Trump Transition? The Beatnuts mentioned it's off the hook this year, will jokers be making money off the books next year? 

Waiting For Answers during the ongoing Test?  we ring the alarm after old girl over in Decatur said she's blessed and highly favored, she shows no fear..

Waiting for dancers? we'll bless them with the Plutonian Intergalactic Funk after we take it there!! The Mothership gets good mileage..

Waiting for Cancers, Leos, Scorpios and others? oh yes!! James Brown was ringing the alarm when he told the People to Get Up and Drive Their Funky Soul!!  he said they'll get good mileage

Deliberate Falsehoods? you should know how the sport goes, so who's foul with it? Standing Rock type of situations play out in front of us...

Understanding who's false in these hoods? hustle knocks were the dominant trait in more than District 12 as Hunger Games Peacekeepers front on us..

In front of us / in back of us / to the side of us? society will front on us like Alec Baldwin vs Donald Trump!!

What's up with us? we continue to ring the alarm, dropping this good word and the beats will thump..

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