Friday, February 23, 2018

Game Changers and Deal Breakers PT.2

 We're moving forward, we'll proceed and continue!! but we know deals can go sideways like guns discussed at CPAC; it can be a game changer...

 It can be a deal breaker, per Flashback Friday? I spotted a real faker, while listening to Ronnie Laws Friends and Strangers..

Danger was imminent, jokers were on standby like the deputy posted up in the Florida school shooting;  they were waiting on deck.

Danger zone business? it's rough out here!!  I was peeping game like a Hubble Space Telescope,  my people had hope but they get no respect. 

That's the business!! but what did they expect? per previous behavior it was a deal breaker!!  that's why I kept cruising out there in space like Starman in the Tesla Roadster. 

Every now and then I come back down to earth ; what's it all worth?  I stay in funk mode,  aliens will concur. 

They showed me how it should go, it was a game changer so now I go for what I know,  dropping the street funk. 

Parking lot pimping,  trying to catch up on it!! what? the flow!! soon I finished the fast break with a dunk. 

It was a game changer!! now cruising through the ATL on a Saturday afternoon listening to "Catch The Flo"  with Marcus Johnson on WCLK! getting crunk like ATLiens?  these days they call it being lit. 

The deal breaker? a joker that talked junk while I was in the midst of getting breakbeat scientific; somebody geeked them up telling them  you don't stop and don't quit!!

A real faker!! like Donald Trump aka the "Don" spotted fronting on an old episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air!!

Now fronting / faking in Washington;  time is something else, a game changer? what a difference a day makes per Dinah Washington!!  Flashback Friday business? we'll take it there 

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