Tuesday, February 13, 2018

We're Trying To Put A Handle On It PT. 8

We're trying to put a handle on it on this Fat Tuesday!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta clocking the ATLien behavior as some act brand new with me per my breakbeat scientific studies.

We're trying to put a handle on it!!  we also call this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! per Trump? some will get a box of food, but I'm clocking the accumulation of wealth and the behavior modification!  ego gratification?  oh yes!! so called importance was!

Everybody is important; acting brand new in the sport /  situation? reality will box in a fool , some it's say hustle knocking!!  but what was I facing?  the mothership crash landed after lights blinked on the instrumental panel.

As a brotha  lands on earth, he gets breakbeat scientific!  business is handled while others were bamboozled / hoodwinked, even by a white washed Nefertiti;  what will the deal be? chilling in the Lion's den like Daniel?
A brotha gets breakbeat scientific, chilling out as lab techniques are enhanced!!  we're trying to put a handle on this but one of my mixes mentioned being in conflict with the world.

What's the deal with it? life is hectic, winning / losing streaks are experienced! peace is difficult if not impossible to attain,  especially after the drama unfurled.

Please!! a joker wreaks havoc, plus there's no pity from the street committee!  "ain't that a shame"  is heard from the naysayers.

What's the deally? like Amazon enticing municipalities with new headquarter selections while laying off hundreds  "it ain't all sweet";  my people will have to say prayers. 

What's up son? we're laying in the cut due to a change of plans,  but there's no Nunes or Democratic memos. 

Not playing with the corrupt!!  Friends and Strangers by Ronnie Laws was cut up,  O-Dog is acting brand new with these mathematics dropped in these demos. 

We're trying to put a handle on it, while in Hollywood?  women stereotyped as bimbos!!  now me too is heard from the sisterhood.

We're trying to put a handle on it while players were hyped / geeked up, Harvey Weinstein wannabe pimps? these days? they're game didn't make sense over here in the hood.

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