Monday, February 05, 2018

We're Trying To Put A Handle On It PT.5

We're trying to put a handle on it, but we're dealing with the technical difficulties and glitches in the matrix. 

Devin Nunes took a gamble on it, supported by Sean Hannity as my people lose their sanity per these folks still hating; Doctor O usually provides the medicine while these snitches fake it. 

Acting brand new with this? per digital crate digging the fever is repelled with jazz / funk  / hip hop / house and soul music;  Friday and Saturday night fever was the platform. 

Plus Sunday Jazz, so a dude wouldn't spaz even though a non-believer will get schooled during the inclement weather or storm. 

An under achiever ruled  the day, but it wasn't the norm;  now the reign of terror is in affect. 

Trying to achieve bro!!  the rain was falling on a Sunday morning as I wrote this,  providing a special affect. 

Exterminators call themselves disinfectanting the area,  but I see the varmints still roaming. 

Who's working with us?  like North Korea collecting nuclear technology in Germany some were disrespecting check the mass hysteria!!  but we're going all out,  going for what we're knowing. 

Who's working with us? we weren't caught up in Super Bowl mass hysteria!! a dude was watching old episodes of Homeland...

I'm glad the Philadelphia Eagles won but I wasn't the one to get  distracted!! that's how one gets caught up in the system / matrix!! I'll stay in breakbeat scientific modes after the mothership lands..

We're trying to put a handle on it;  it wasn't  just I;  there's no I in team..

We're trying to put a handle on it; some say teamwork makes the dream work but  I don't know; per MLK  and Black History Month I guess it's not about every dream..

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