Thursday, February 01, 2018

We're Trying To Put A Handle On It PT.4

We're trying to put a handle on it!! it's like Trump vs The FBI, trying to get in front of the Russia investigation!!

This good word is dropped and beats thump!! it's no lie!! but naysayers will try to front on the situation..

You heard? but some won't recognize the pattern until after it's broken;  now they want to do a reset.

You heard? others were out here  jumping to conclusions based on what the episode beget.

Others want you to forget like Devin Nunes!! Adam Schiff said they'll fabricate a story.

Others told you high noon is when  it's going down like that cowboy movie!! jokers were acting nefarious! you'll go on to meet your glory.

The Super Blood Blue Full Moon  on the Leo -Aquarius axis beat some up  black and blue!! damn!! these people are out here tripping!!  they're overwhelmed.

 Bobbi Humphrey's Blacks and Blues will tell the story per Throwback Thursday; damn!!  those hungry and thirsty were also overwhelmed!!

The Trump State Of The Union address was supposed to bless!!   the t-shirt at Stonecrest Mall said stack and grind,  in good we trust. 

Another mentioned motivation, but people are stressed trying to put a handle on it!!  who's caught up in an unpleasant situation? I didn't follow the doctrrine of a Babylon nation, I'm chilling out over here on the Eastside!!  in the hood we trust.

These folk are still hating , even though In God We Trust was on the negotiable instrument;  was his name taken in vain?

In God We Trust? oh yes!!   I was even used as an instrument but now we're just trying to put a handle on it!!  I told the homie peace out, I was moving on!! once again it's on!! I'm  just trying to maintain.

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