Monday, February 19, 2018

Smooth Chill Beats • Jazz & Funk Music [2018]

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Music Monday format, plus its the President's Day holiday...

I guess there's a Sunday Jazz vibe, chilling with the tribe; they knew there was no benevolence from society, so they told me to let the music play!!

They knew it's my motto, sounds make us feel like we hit the lotto even though funds are low...

Hip to the scheme / plot though; it's not all about the money, it's like chasing the wind until our energy is low!!

Whatcha know? Smooth Chill Beats • Jazz & Funk Music [2018] courtesy of Stay See will play in the background..

That's the Real Deal Holyfied!! check out the playlist and the mix!! soon we'll be all up in the mix, refusing to back down!!


 00:00 Blazo - Lively Purple

03:46 Arman Cekin - Smooth Waves

06:50 C. Da Afro - She Was A Dream  

11:17 Flamingosis - I'll Be There (ft. Tendencies)

 14:40 Handbook - Get Some

 17:48 Dekobe - Absence

 21:17 BouBou - Day After Day

 24:49 Caius - All My Loving

 28:44 Alex & Calderon - Sometimes

 32:27 Handbook - I WNT U

 35:17 Derlee - All My Life

 38:15 Chicago 87 - Last Drink (Vostok-1 Remix)

 42:17 Flamingosis - Ride The L

 49:38 E. Live - Flotational Device

 53:32 Bonus Points - Road Trip

 56:11 Handbook - Lovers

 58:30 Le Véritable - Amour

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