Wednesday, February 14, 2018

We're Trying To Put A Handle On It PT. 9

Regular scheduled programming was interrupted,  now I'm making adjustments. 

Irregular! let go of the slow jamming! where did it get me?  PE mentioned you can't trust it.

Some were left busted and disgusted;  it didn't matter if it's Valentines Day.

What's up with us? we're trying to put a handle on it per this Humpday Extravaganza!! this good word is dropped and the music will play..
This is how we play!! getting breakbeat scientific is the mission as we keep doing what we do. 

A retro futuristic mystic going ballistic? oh yes!  acting like he knew.

...As we enter Pisces season a period of mysticism;  sliding through the portal. 

 During the crisis?  some will spark "mad izm"  per the Channel Live /  KRS One joint,  based on how the sport will do.

During the crisis Baduizm was even heard, you heard?  Erykah Badu is doing what she do! 

During the crisis?  they said I acted brand new with them,  based on doing what I do. 

"Ain't nothing nice" about this and that! even Gregg Popovich told them that!! meanwhile we're trying to put a handle on it..

Might even Think Twice per Donald Byrd ; dropping the sound and this good word; we took a gamble on it..

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