Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Game Changers and Deal Breakers PT.4

The saga / struggle continues!!  it's rough out here!!  that's what I told my constituents after they asked me;  what it do? 

I told them to recognize the pattern;  check out the game changer / deal breaker like Casey Cagle vs Delta Airlines concerning the NRA;  these folks "ain't right" some things were typical. 

...Also stereotypical;  also the radio / stereo was pitiful; this hip hop / jazz / funk / soul curator couldn't get into the programming. 

We interrupted it before we were corrupted, now they say I'm a hater!! plus we're  jamming but no slow jamming. 

The game changer? no slow understanding per Louisville / Newburg default settings.

The whole game is shady, check the NCAA basketball investigation!!  it's not just Louisville's fault!!  some will understand it.

At the end of the day? it's not a deal breaker!!  Louisville is still the 2013 college basketball champions,  to hell with the NCAA!! so how will we play? science and funk is dropped after the mothership landed /  after I interfaced with aliens.  

How did my constituents play? snap /  trap and crunk was the behavior exhibited by ATLiens.

Coping strategies failing them? as I mentioned earlier the whole game is shady...

As I  "holla atcha" with these The Koch Seminar Network is at work!  it's a game changer for unions concerning the Janus right to work case , Supreme and Circuit court nominations and even issues concerning the environment; the whole game is shady...

Funk seminars are conducted as we put in work!! it's not all gravy baby!!  the deal breaker  is dealt with on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday...

Things can go either way; but we follow the old school Baptist preachers advice; let us pray...

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