Monday, February 12, 2018

We're Trying To Put A Handle On It PT.7

We're trying to put a handle on it; digital crate digging continues along with Sunday Jazz,  but sometimes I wax poetic.

We're trying to put a handle on it!  the saga / struggle continues!  this is word from a retro futuristic mystic.

Going ballistic with sonic assaults based on the hell that's caught!!  we didn't have anybody to bail us out. 

...Like politicians that just signed off on the budget plan even raising the deficit like Republicans;  they'll all sell us out.

 We're still on a mission as we go all out!! we're trying to put a handle on it!!  the Brotha O is up on it dipping through the gauntlet or obstacle course. 

We're still on a mission? per Music Monday we're slipping into darkness like the jam by War;  that's par for the course. 

Waiting in the dark?  of course some of my constituents are still there. 

They're waiting on proof like they're in the show me state of Missouri;  opposed by the NAACP because the sport isn't fair. 

..Can't even eat at Sweetie Pies? the game is tainted due to corruption, gossip, innuendo and lies? "it ain't fair"  said my baby girl. 

Greetings!! a dude still tries to put a handle on it as we holla at ya with these!! like the armed forces contributing to the FBI Gun Ban List we're taking it there before the drama will unfurl. 

..Or maybe per the aftermath; after doing the math?  this retro futuristic will go ballistic.

 We're trying to put a handle on it! this is how the Brotha O will do!  still getting breakbeat scientific. 

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