Friday, February 16, 2018

We're Trying To Put A Handle On It PT.10

Taking it back to the future per this Flashback Friday type of knowledge that's dropped.

We're trying to put a handle on it,  insight is dropped with this,  plus I cosmic slopped.

Like Funkadelic plus I run and tell it;  the madness never stopped,  so I had to provide the rebuttal. 

The madness never stopped!! like Trump in office with no leadership shown concerning the Florida high school shooting  I spotted armchair quarterbacks in the huddle. 

Reason gave way to madness, plus the apparatus or cabal schemed and plotted!!  soon the fabric rotted. 

..along with the wood,  so what's good?  I was cut from a different cloth!  on the move?  a dude was spotted.

...Like the BlackPanther I stayed strong in the hood,  plus on all levels of society. 

Like Black Panther released during the Black History Month timeframe that spells it out!!   but black history is going down 365 / 24-7 you feel me? 

Maybe somebody understands a brotha! my people know the deally,  so we proceed and continue. 

Maybe somebody understands a brotha! my people know the deally, as the saga / struggle continues.

Trump and Republicans were telling DACA constituents to Dream on like Aerosmith..

Beats thump on a Flashback Friday, a brother man is going in /  getting it in, we're trying to put a handle on it...

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