Saturday, September 14, 2019

Deepconsoul Ft. Decency - Take On The World

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! we're in the midst of this Saturday Night Fever edition..

The saga / struggle continues, through the fog / mist we float; some will say it's the stream of consciousness, that concept I'm feeling...

Others say it's the smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors amplifying horrors / terrors; I also refer to it as the mainstream of mathematics where shady dealing is the norm..

Brothas like me go for broke!! on e who never dances with the devil though, next level business is how it'll go; sometimes in the eye of the storm..

Brothas like me go for broke!! making advances, rolling like this track from Deepconsoul Ft. Decency we Take On The World..

This house music / jazzdance is perfect for this Saturday evening or whenever you feel me? we're ready to take on the world!!

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