Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The I-20 Chronicles (Another Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition)

Once again it's on!! it's going down on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way..

We're claiming the terrific outcome, dropping this good word and we'll pull out the drum!!  of course after we pray..

Then we'll keep it moving, no delays like Trump putting Ukraine military aid on hold until they investigate Joe Biden..

Next level dramatics are revisited, these fanatics have the gist of it!! but beats bump in the hooptie as we maintain,  still out here on I-20 in Atlanta freedom riding..

Next level business is conducted but these fanatics were cutting up!! the saga / struggle continues!! it's not January but check the state of the union.

The next devil corrupted the process but these mathematics are dropped during the process but opposition is met like GM vs the United Auto Workers Union..

Next  level moves are still made out on I-20 in Atlanta in the midst of this rush hour!! I'm not fooling with them and those acting sour!! business will be handled before it handles me, soon laying in the cut / in the compound.

Next  level moves are still made out on I-20 in Atlanta!! every now and then? excursions are taken!! putting work in we're not faking  in the game like Josh Norman!! like the Caribbean during Hurricane season we're storming  when we come with the sound.

No Ford Excursions or Lincoln Navigators needed!! we were already out there beyond Mars, Saturn and Venus in the Mothership.

Wasn't  out there swerving like Antonio Brown and 6ix9ine,  being a target for haters? please!! breakbeat scientific? that's how a bruh will get.

That's the deal with it!! putting it down going for mine while out here rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..

That's the deal with it!! no lying like Boris Johnson, somebody will understand a brotha!!

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