Sunday, September 15, 2019

DJ Rodriguez - Meet My Sensei

Sunday Jazz Continues!! besides gospel music what other type of sound should you get into on a Sunday?

The saga / struggle continues!! from Tobe Howard on a Sunday on 1350 WLOU in Louisville back in the day  to Jay Edwards on 91.9 WCLK here in Atlanta today Sunday Jazz has always been the way..

Oh!! I see how these ATLiens will play, Music Midtown 2019 was underway but I played it another way; chilling out in the church vestibule down in Macon..

Don't get me wrong!! aliens told me how the funk should go per intergalactic travels where I still feel the residue, so these breakbeat scientific principles are functional; not swagging / flexing / fronting or faking..

Don't get me wrong!! aliens told me how the funk should go so we go for what we know!! listening to this jazz funk / jazzhop / future Jazz / breakbeat sound from DJ Rodriguez with Meet My Sensei

Don't get me wrong! it's going down from Atlanta to Italy, jokers shouldn't question the ability as we conduct  these breakbeat scientific classes like a sensei..

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