Monday, September 09, 2019

We're Shutting It Down / Starting All Over Again (Part Six)

We're shutting it down / starting all over again;  appropriate for this Monday Morning? in the ongoing smoke and mirrors ?  rays of hope were blurred. 

We're shutting it down / starting all over again!! going all out,  no joke!!  but was the joke on you and  me,  reality concurred. 

Going all out, gratification deferred mathematics dropped as O-Zone referred and O-Dizzle was funky drumming, but were we missing out on something? 

Going all out!!  mathematics dropped as these sanctification agents conferred;  referred to those doing too much /  thinking they were going to miss something.

Going all out, shutting it down and starting all over again!! big mad, ready to go postal like my constituents in the Bahamas told to get off the US bound ferry to escape the harsh conditions due to Hurricane Dorian; I had to put a stamp on mine!! real with it!! its like that.

No pain no gain was the slogan as we try to get open!! please!! at the end of the tunnel is where the light's at!

...or is per the English / grammar teacher;  winds of change blow in the wind tunnel but will they reach you?  damn!! per Music Monday no rain in Southern California? word from Tony! Toni! Tone! they enlightened us!! told us about it.

Global warming? please!! the helter skelter will warm it up for ya!  per Music Monday?  heard some  saying Gimme Shelter like the Rolling Stones in these danger zones; who goes all out for it?

Shutting it down, starting all over again but doing the knowledge; trying to Leflaur Leflah Eskoshka like Heltah Skeltah so what can I tell ya?  this foreign or domestic veteran tells you how the war will get.

Shutting it down, starting all over again!! the mothership gets good mileage so  I couldn't quit or forfeit!!  it didn't add up so I can't let up!! check the equation.

We had to shut it down and start all over again!! a brotha gets breakbeat scientific after finding out  "ain't no love";  but damn!!  the Deele said it's  on more than two occasions.

 Babyface and LA Ried said day and night!! plus per Music Monday? word from the deacons / amen corner was received from  Kid Cudi.

Were on the case!! we had to shut it down and start all over again on this Monday Morning!! that's what the deal will be.

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