Monday, September 09, 2019

Nighttime Ramen 🍜 [jazzy beats / lofi hip hop mix]

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Music Monday set; it's been hectic, so now we're in chill mode...

The saga / struggle continues!! per Trump denying entry to the US for Bahamians affected by Hurricane Dorian Babylonians are in shady deal mode..

Babylon 5 type episodes? over the hump type maneuvers were taken earlier, we had work to do, now we're taking it down a thousand...

It's on, as we type this good word; no jive,  but now the beats will bump; that's the type of work we do, based on curiosity arousing..

It's on!! chilling out drinking a grape soda eating ramen noodles with hot sauce on them  listening to this Chillhop Music provided Nighttime Ramen 🍜 [jazzy beats / lofi hip hop mix]

It's on!! chilling out, escaping the madness figuring out the riddles, now down for the cause! insight dropped!! check the playlist and the mix!!

Tracklist (* = unreleased):
00:00:00 Flofilz - Blue Orchard 00:02:11 GlobulDub - Foreign Exchange 00:05:08 Swum - The Dream 00:07:43 middle school - Plush Pocket ft. Jim Alxndr 00:10:09 Tesk - Doin it 00:12:20 Ruck P - Le Voyage du Coeur 00:14:46 junior state - Mighty 00:17:28 Brock Berrigan - Crossing Paths 00:19:51 L’indecis - Fried Potatoes 00:22:46 Mono:Massive - Somewhat 00:26:20 Taro & middle school - At This point ft. Mitchel Forman 00:28:29 Ian Ewing - Poke Date 00:30:26 Yasper & Louk - Moody ft. Philanthrope 00:33:50 Monma & Misha - Moon * 00:36:41 Ruck P - Coffee Break 00:40:10 Moose Dawa - Menti 00:43:11 Psalm Trees - Wherever You Are * 00:45:15 Epektase & nymano - Wandering At Night 00:47:38 cocabona & Monma - Sleepy

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