Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Essence All Stars ‎– Nica's Dream

Sunday Jazz Continues!! we're cooling out / chilling out on this Sunday afternoon as it morphs into the evening..

Smooth jazz on these menus, ruling out the shady dealing out here in Babylon; per Trump and Ukraine concerning Joe Biden  whisltleblowing and the 6ix9nine lying / whisteblowing  there's already enough borderline and over the top treason!!

Virgo season morphs into Libra season, open mind liberal or conservative with the reasoning? salt of the earth seasoning with the light..

Work to so, playing these sports like Lamar Jackson, dipping!! all up in the action with this sound and the insight..

Sunday night? still listening to these smooth sounds from The Essence All Stars ‎with a track called  Nica's Dream

Classic jazz, from that Latin jazz realm!! check out the true essence / check the sound and the players / team..

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