Tuesday, September 03, 2019

We're Shutting It Down / Starting All Over Again (Part Four)

We're shutting it down / starting all over again after this Labor Day holiday; how will we play? we pulled up, checked the reception / deception;  no designated parking,  we proceeded to the visitors parking lot. 

Putting it down, trying to get over like Curtis Mayfield singing about Superfly!! damn!! I heard the lie, now I see many were fooled up in this piece /  waiting in the dark  / victimized by the scheme or plot.

 Putting it down, trying to get over!! back in the day we were parking lot pimping but we slowed our roll /  we took it down a thousand. 

Putting it down, trying to get over!! like old deacons sparkling the fire? they were shutting it down,  heard saying you know you're wrong!! jokers were claiming turf that was public housing. 

Meanwhile we're starting all over again, beacons of light in the general population or housing?  per digital crate digging? that Brotha O-Dizzle is housing them or funking them up.

...check the style / check the file; he's even hip hopping or jazzing them up; Sonic Assaults are unleashed, he's spazzing on the corrupt.

Checked the style, jokers were trying to hem me in like I was at the Hotel Californina;  I was able to check out!! word from the Eagles!! I was shutting things down while others fell for the okey-doke.

Check the style, didn't wreck out in the Mothership , Lord help!! jokers were on some other shxt like that California dive boat fire!! if we did wreck out? we're starting all over again,  Flying Like An Eagle / Steve Miller going for broke.

It's no joke!! who else will go for broke while  this brotha gets breakbeat scientific when dealing with a shady dealer? damn!!  excuse me for sulking over defeats  / rejoicing over victories;  showing balance.

It's no joke!! from the shady drug dealer out in these streets to shady corporate CEO's in the so called corridors of power?  haters will show malice.

The Alice in Wonderland scenario was promised!! the GEICO sarge said this is not Mamby Pamby Land, but I heard no problem like dude from Jamaica said!! we didn't believe the hype per Public Enemy's instructions!!  it was the okey-doke.

We're shutting it down / starting over again!! please!!  I heard the lie bro!! they used that Comedy Central theory,  they played you like a joke.

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