Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Taking It Down A Thousand ( Part Seven )

We're pressing the button / turning the dial; excuse us but per this HumpDay Extravaganza?  we're taking it down a thousand..

Street code still followed, per Eric B and Rakim in Move The Crowd?  said no mistakes allowed; the masses? we're hip hopping / funking, jazzing and even housing!!!

Discrete mode followed up in the sport /  spot!!! even though the Full Moon will be in Aquarius jokers still act nefarious;  "ain't no love" like Rose Royce!! oh no!!! not even on two occasions. Babyface and LA Reid with the Deele!!  maybe it was like their cut "Shoot Em Up Movies, but of course we're taking it down a thousand because  we know the deal.

Still doing what behooves me but still taking it down a thousand; staying out of the database!! read between the lines / knew what was real.

Please!! jokers will get caught out there like the Todd and Julie Chrisley!! dollars that some chase led to their downfall!! the apparatus disrespects.

Please!! jokers will get caught out there; who "hollas atcha" ??  rolling like ASAP Rocky, now catching a case!! please!! in Babylon and beyond? there's  no justice / no peace!!  all of us are suspects.

Right back atcha? oh yes, we're taking it down a thousand!! I had to tell them!! all of them are suspects!! but then I had to ask, who's part of it?

What? the conspiracy, like concerning Jeffrey Epstein?  they said it comes with the territory!! please!!  were in the heart of it.

As we come to tell the story, we're taking it down a thousand!  pushing the button and turning the dial son!!  found out situations were bootleg.

As we come to tell the story, we're taking it down a thousand! cons run this territory!! .new type gangsters break arms and shoot legs.

Tried to make a connection, while all up in the section! we weren't quiting / stopping .but who's checking for me?

We're taking it down a thousand after errors were made; some will neither confirm nor deny;  who's making a correction? now who's looking for me?

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