Thursday, August 15, 2019

Taking It Down A Thousand ( Part Eight)

Reflecting, doing an internal inspection on this Throwback Thursday; making adjustments / taking it down a thousand..

Deflecting / projecting like Trump vs Bill Clinton concerning Jeffrey Epstein? naw cousin, but ready to roll after the observing the scene, but first taking it down a thousand!!

Inspecting, Mega Group was all up in it, O-Dizzle?  beats will bump, George Clinton like moves are made!! a beat he'll loop!! with these Sonic Assaults? he's housing them, dropping funk on them and jazzing them up..

Inspecting? jokers are big / mega mad as plans fizzle like Trump Tariffs; another recession? O-Dizzle will drop another funky session as the level of spazzing goes up..

What's the dizzle? check the session!! it was funky, smelly, raunchy!! like that dump in Atlanta off of Moreland Ave.

So called luxury homes built in the vicinity, but check this entity!! we've got the brand new funk for you; my people are trying to chill out!! Fat Larry's Band told us how it is on the boulevard /  avenue!

Recognize what it do!! we're taking it down a thousand but earlier O-Zone roamed the universe; this is more than local.

Recognize what it do!! we're taking it down a thousand but O-Dog still has the instrumental;  sometimes he didn't need the vocal.

Recognize who's holding the instrument of life or death!! doctor or jacker? nutritional or detrimental?

Recognize what it do!! some are caught up in the system / matrix; wondering, were the fringe benefits really beneficial?

We've been official!! but caught out here and out there so we had to take it down a thousand!! we were out on the fringe with dimwits and fanatics.

But O-Dog has been doing it!! he went on a binge with the beats!! this is part of a bigger plan!! so what's up man? O-Zone has been telling you things are off the hinges when dropping these mathematics!!  

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