Wednesday, August 21, 2019

chillhop daydreams 2 - lofi hip hop / instrumental beats

Digital Crate Digging Continues; we're in the midst of the HumpDay Extravaganza edition..

The saga / struggle continues; chilling out in the lab away from the fray trying not to become prey for the system...

Trying to to get caught up in the system / matrix becoming an unwilling participant in the fourth episode of the Matrix.. 

...dealing with the Matrix Architect, rolling like  Trump, the so called King Of Israel wanting us to show respect!! these jokers just fake it..

We're coming out fresh with a brand new batch; beats bump but smooth, that's the deal!! listening to "chillhop daydreams 2 -  lofi hip hop / instrumental beats"

It's courtesy of Chillhop Music, check the playlist and the mix; for chiling out this is conducive you know peace is elusive; Afternoon Jazzing instead of spazzing!! you know  it's rough out here in these streets!!

Tracklist 00:00 Philanthrope x sleepy fish - Space Cadet 02:22 dryhope - Lake 04:45 C4C x Leavv - Companion 07:15 G Mills - Iridescence 10:06 Dr. Dundiff - Seven 12:16 chief. - Morning Walk 14:42 Tom Doolie - Aeroplane 16:28 Flovry - Birdbath 19:17 Ian Ewing - Smthn Bout U 22:18 Pandrezz x Kyle McEvoy - Half Asleep 24:06 j'san. x Epektase - Skydive 26:54 Yasper - In My Cabin 29:26 Nokiaa x nofeels - Ful Off 31:32 B-Side - Never Forget 34:17 Sofasound - Hurt Heal 37:05 Miscél - Remember 38:51 fantompower x barnes blvd. - Pastel Plains 41:52 idealism x Philanthrope - Still 45:26 cocabona x Monma - Sleepy 47:44 sugi.wa - Changing Lanes 50:03 Psalm Trees - Lazy French Beagles (ft. Guillaume Muschalle) 52:52 HM Surf - Apple Flower 54:42 Allem Iversom - Awake 57:41 auv - Lower East Late Summer

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