Sunday, August 11, 2019

Jimmy McGriff – Dust Pan

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Sunday evening; excuse your dude for just chilling…
Scattered thoughts are collected after souls / psyches / spirits are inspected; now I’ve got that feeling!
Bruised / battered / reeling? my constituents are feeling it fromMississippi per ICE Raids to Dayton and El Paso mass shooting escapades..
Cruised down I-20 in Atlanta with my other constituents; they’ll dip with me, feeling me as we take these cosmic parades..
Not amused by the cosmic dust / debris scattered about as we go all out; it’ll take more than a dust pan to get it up!!
Jazz is fused with funk, the blues and soul music per this track fromJimmy McGriff called Dust Pan; check the players and the track man!! listen up!!

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